I love my pets…

I have not written in the last few weeks.  Why?  Because I forgot!!  I really did!  I have been taking care of my family, and completely forgot I needed to write!  Right now, everyone is out of the house, and I had time to sit and ponder my needs for the day.  It is amazing what you can do with no distractions.  Our dog Roley is my only distraction at the moment.  Even now he realizes he has me all to himself, and he is putting on the charm!  Come play with me Mom!  🙂  I am talking to him as I write this, which is consoling to him for the moment.

I love our dog!  We adopted him 7 years ago, and he really has become a major part of our family.  He is fun!  He loves to play with anyone who will pay attention to him.  He has a gentle approach.  He is part Australian shepherd and part hound.  He has one blue eye and one brown eye.  He is a mama’s dog.  He loves to hang with me, and we often go on walks together.  I have many nicknames for him:  Dude, Old Man, Charlie, Goofy, Goober, Roley Poley.  I tell him he has “backyard cojones”, meaning when he is out he will bark at any noise, in order to make his presence known.  But, he really is a giant chicken.  His breed is quite skittish, and he is often nervous.

We used to have a cat, named Chloe.  She was the queen of the house.  She passed at 21 years old.  We adopted her from my sister, who found her wandering in her yard.  Her coloring reminded me of toasted marshmallows.  She lived with us for 15 years.  She always acted as if she were above all of us, and she just tolerated the world around her.  She was quite gentle and loving to any who approached her.  She loved to scamper everywhere, and she usually slept on the top of the sofa, as if she looked down upon us.  She always had conversations with me in the mornings, even after I fed her.  I loved that.

Having a pet is a great way to maintain contentment in one’s life. Though it is a great responsibility, pets reward us with love, devotion, and loyalty.

Our Roley

Our Roley

jeans pics 207

Our Queen, Chloe


16 thoughts on “I love my pets…

  1. Such adorable pets! I love the description of your cat’s coloring – “toasted marshmallows.” I always wanted a dog growing up and now that I can have one, I feel too overwhelmed with life to think of bringing another living thing into it! Maybe in a few years…your post offers compelling reasons to consider it!


  2. As I read your post I was sitting near our two labs. It is just them and me this morning. They are 13 now, so are content with a walk, food and a bit of petting. Pets are wonderful additions to our world.


  3. My dogs are my children. With two, I have to share my time, making sure Lucy(age 8) gets the play time she needs and Fiona (age 14) gets the snuggles and potty breaks she needs. I get their unconditional love in return.


  4. Pets are a wonderful addition to a family as they are unconditional love with each. We have had many pets and dogs of our own including some grandpets we’ve inherited. Presently we have Bear only, a mini black poodle that was a gift from my 85 yo mother that didn’t work out so well. He was too much energy. Eventually our aging “Jimmy” (jack russell/poodle mix – jack-a-poo) moved in with them and he has been a godsend for them. They love him! He is the best, gentle companion for them. Insurance companies ask if you have a pet as they know pet owners live longer and healthier lives. Here’s to pets! Loved your post. This might become a post for me, too. D 🙂


  5. We have always had pets, and I don’t know if we could ever go without a dog or cat. However, some days when I really want to just travel, having two dogs and a cat do tie me down. No, I am not taking them with me on trips…


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