Do you want to be called grandma?

Yesterday, my wonderful husband asked me if would ever want to be called grandma.  Of course my instant thought is of my two teenage girls.  Not yet!!  He was listening to a commercial, and the thought occurs to him that one day, we will be grandparents.  In a futuristic moment of thought, he is picturing himself with grandkids.  “Do I look like a Grandpa, or Papa?”

Hmmm… me, a grandma???  Well, it really does not bother me at all.  I am pretty comfortable with my age.  I want to be a grandparent (WELL into the future).  Both of my girls have said they want kids someday.  Thank God, not now.  As we talked, we were going through some the grandparent names for me; Nanna, Oma, Granny, Gram, Grandma, and Gigi.  This is when I start picturing myself with grandkids.  Since I am a kindergarten teacher, I probably would want to be the fun-loving grandma.  I do want to be an extension of my own children as parents.  I am hoping to live close, so I can be there for my girls and their families.  But not too close.  I do want my own life with my husband.  We want to travel and maybe even work part-time.

I think of my own girls, who have only had small moments with each of their grandparents.  We have always lived at least 3 hours away from each, due to our careers.  They never really had moments alone with them, and their relationships with them are not super close.  We are trying to change this, as we are visiting more often, now that our parents can no longer travel often.  One thing I always remember my mom telling me, was that no longer where you live, you should always keep your family close. True words to live by.


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