Daily Slice of Life – Day 2

My birthday is coming up at the end of the month.  My oldest asked me today what I want for my birthday.  My first reaction to this was, how lucky am I that my child wants to do something nice for me?  So I have been pondering this question all day!  Why, because I have reached an age where material things do not have as much meaning.  I looked online at my favorite store sites, and I could not find anything that really looked interesting.  That is when I realized I no longer really shop for myself.  I HATE going to the malls.  What a relief that is!  I am no longer tied to what is trendy, and I have no desire to have the ultimate outfit. I look forward to what I can DO, not what I can HAVE.

I remember watching Oprah Winfrey and her Christmas favorite things show.  This is when I began to get turned off of owning the ultimate material things.  I began to realize that these shows only promoted owning the expensive best of everything.  While this may have somewhat helped the retail economy over the holiday season, it seems to have encourage the behavior of becoming too materialistic.  My response to my child:  I want to spend quality time with all of you, just doing the things we all love.


2 thoughts on “Daily Slice of Life – Day 2

  1. Isn’t it interesting how what we want for birthdays changes over time? I think my kids find it very strange that I don’t want presents on my birthday. My son always wants to buy me something (usually something HE wants, LOL) but I would much rather have a drawing or a heartfelt card and some fun time spent together!


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