Slice of Life – Day 1

I am very excited to start this blog!  I have never written for the public eye, so please have patience with me.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a wife of 21 years of marriage, a mother to 2 teenage daughters, and a kindergarten teacher.  I am the 2nd to youngest in a family of six children.  I am generally a shy person, and I do not like large crowds of people.  I love to practice yoga, and when the weather is nice, I love to take outdoor walks.

On Tuesday, our school had a pep rally as a reward for all of our students earning good behavior points.  All of the teachers were asked to compete against one another in a “minute to win it” game.  Each grade was given a game, and the teachers would play the game up on stage.  Kindergarten was the first to be called.  I was so excited!  Our game was to remove an index card placed between 2 stacked plastic cups, allowing the top plastic cup to fall into the bottom cup.  Well, I was AWFUL at it!  I do not have the steadiest of hands, so I could not even get past the first set.  My teammate did an awesome job, and finished beautifully.  While I was very happy for her, I felt like a failure.  Nobody really said anything to me after the assembly, so I just made excuses for myself, when we all discussed it after school.  It really bothered me, and I thought about it all night long.  The next morning, I realized something, I was the only person obsessing about this.  No one else cared.  They all had a great time, and that was all that mattered.  I knew I had to let it go.  So I did.  Freedom feels pretty good.  🙂


One thought on “Slice of Life – Day 1

  1. What a wonderful lesson here in letting go! I do this all the time–fixate on some minor hiccup or failure that no one else is even thinking about. I blame it on my busy brain’s tendency to gerbilize (as in little gerbil getting on its wheel and running round and round!). Teaching and parenting have both been very good disciplines for my mind–so much we have to let go of if we’re going to be effective or happy in either role! What made you decide to slice this year? I’m a regular blogger but not a regular slicer and I’ve never done the 31 day challenge. It’s so daunting! Ok, that’s probably not what you want to hear on your first day, is it??


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